“There is something very odd about a society where the most talented people all get tracked toward the same elite colleges, where they end up studying the same small number of subjects and going to the same small number of careers. And that strikes me as a lack of diversity in thinking about the kinds of things people should be doing that’s very limiting for our society, as well as for students.”
downtime. #toeroaster
Record users while they try a product? I think they make just the thing for that. #gopro #video
Camera of the day and my model. #vendinglife #c100 #canon
@shea7602 meets another boy band member. She so excited to see Drew Lachey. #calmddown (at Graeter’s Otr)
Moment of truth—and he smashed one up the center. #prouddad #reds #GABP #baseball

An identification chart of 42 North American butterflies.
By artist Eleanor Lutz. You can find the full sized GIF here or pick up a poster for your room here.